A lot of talent, great music,
a neat and professional look,
all to bring you the best of jazz.


In a sultry ambiance reminiscent of jazz days from an era past, the Montreal Jazz Band delights with the greatest hits from the 30s to the 60s. As part of their vast repertoire, complete with numerous languages, this quartet gracefully balances jazz, French chansons, and Latin rhythms to delight. As interpreters, the group remains faithful to the original music but may at times reinvent a classic by adding a personal and refreshing touch.


Your life will certainly be full of wonderful and
memorable moments, but your wedding day
will be of those that you never forget.


It is a tremendous honor and privilege to be invited to memorialize this very special occasion with you. Every wedding is unique. Yours will be too. From the warm atmosphere of the cocktail and dinner to the romantic first dance, each moment will be immersed in an authentic musical universe.



In order to embellish your wedding ceremony with a delicate musical touch, different combinations of instruments are possible. You can choose and mix them as you wish. Piano, vocals, strings or winds instruments etc. We are open to all of your ideas and will be there to guide you to the best choice.


Specialized in private and corporate events, the Montreal Jazz Band is a key element to creating elegance and ambiance for your soirees. Whether a gala, wedding, banquet, dinner or cocktail, the MJB promises to create a captivating and welcoming atmosphere to accompany your guests throughout their evening.


The band reimagines themselves for a complete show produced for the pleasure of even the most fine-tuned connoisseurs. Mix four entertaining and unique personalities with an enchanting blend of traditional and modern jazz, add subtle and intelligent arrangements, with a touch of audacious improvisation, and you have a recipe to delight in a well-rounded, flavorful show.


Our memorable « ball night » for all those dance lovers is ideal to get the evening started at a wedding.  The reverberations and rhythms of the cha-cha, swing, foxtrot, jive, waltz, rock n roll and others will quickly lead your guests to the dance floor.  Our “swing swing swing” forfait, featuring professionnal dancers, is also available with or without a dance lesson. 

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