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Montreal Jazz Band is a Canadian Jazz Cover Ensemble, based in Montreal.  The group formed in 2010 by lead singer Andréanne Dumas and a bunch of friends who met during their music studies at University of Montreal.

The talented band members, apart of having completed their music superior degrees, are also leaders on their own personal and creative projects, sometimes touring around the world or playing aside big names like Robert Charlebois, Daniel Bélanger, Grégory Charles and some others.

Now hailed as Best rated corporate jazz band in the region by Google reviewers, Montreal Jazz Band have been performing together for over 13 years and have performed over 800 shows.

“Absolutely amazing! We had the jazz band play for our wedding ceremony, cocktail and reception and we are so happy we did!!” – Merna & Aubrey, September 2023.


A lot of talent, great quality music, a neat
and professional look, all to bring you the
best of jazz.

In a sultry ambiance reminiscent of jazz days from an era past, the Montreal Jazz Band delights with the greatest hits from the 20s to the 60s. As part of their vast repertoire, complete with numerous languages, this ensemble gracefully balances jazz, french chansons, and latin rhythms to delight. As an interpreter, the group remains faithful to the original music but sometimes chooses to reinvent adding a personal and refreshing touch.

The Montreal Jazz Band is also four fun and engaging personalities, music lovers who are eager to share their passion and make you experience a range of emotions.